NiCorr™ Ferritic Nitrocarburizing

Ferritic Nitrocarburizing (FNC) or NiCorr™ when done at Syracuse Heat Treating, is a precise low temperature case hardening treatment for steels and cast iron that produces a very hard, wear and corrosion resistant surface with an increase in fatigue and yield strength.  The case is composed of an outer compound layer of carbon and nitrogen: typically 0.0001"-.001" deep.  Most FNC specifications call out depth of compound or white layer.  Because this layer is thin and there is little or no distortion with FNC (growth of 0.0001" - 0.0002" per surface).  This process should be applied to finish machined and ground parts.  Subsequent enhancements like post oxidation, oil impregnation and polishing can be added (NiCorr B,C) to further increase corrosion resistance and aesthetic appearance.

Syracuse Heat Treating's specific FNC treatment is called NiCorr™ as it combines the advantages of Nitriding with corrosion resistance. There are many trade names for FNC processes that produce very similar if not essentially the same properties: Nitrotec™, NiTemper™, Dynacase™, Lindure™, Tufftride™, Melonite™, Triniding™, QPQ™, to name a few.  Syracuse Heat Treating's FNC or NiCorr™ process is done in a fluid bed furnace: 60" deep x 24" dia.