Induction / Flame Hardening

NADCAP Certified; Syracuse Heat Treating uses 30KW and 40KW Static Induction units to selectively harden and/or temper specific surfaces of a part without heating the rest of the piece.  A 50KW scanner or progressive feed unit, capable of handling parts up to 24 inches in length, moves the part through a precisely designed coil.  The specified area of the parts are heated and quenched almost simultaneously as the part moves up and down through the inductor.  Power, dwell time and scan rate can be varied as the part moves through the induction coil.  These variables are stored, programmed and controlled by microprocessor https://f...que-viagra/. Up to 1,000 programs can be stored and repeated.

Flame Hardening is achieved by heating the specified surfaces of a part with a focused oxy-acetylene torch followed by either a water or polymer quench.  Both Induction and Flame Hardening require steels of sufficient hardenability: medium to high carbon, and/or adequate alloy content.  Part size and geometry will also determine suitability for any given Flame Hardening treatment,